Lawn Care Calendar for Eastern NE

Just tell me what to do and when to do it…that’s what we hear from our clients when it comes to lawns. Oh, sure, they also want to know what’s wrong with it at any give time also, but the calendar of events is the top of the list.

Turf Tips for Mid Fall

When summer turns to fall, cooler temperatures, more frequent rain storms and a few other changes follow along. In order to maximize turf performance and recovery from summer stressors, consider these management actions:

Fertilizer Time!

It’s the first of September…that means for cool season lawns such as tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass, it’s time to fertilize. After a long summer of heat, drought and pests, it’s time.

To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize: That is the Question

You see a bright shiny package at the garden center saying that it can help you have the most bountiful garden ever, the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, your plants will have miraculous growth, or it will supply every element on earth to make sure that your plants are living their best life. It’s got…

Fertilizer in Fall

Is your lawn hungry?  After a long summer of bugs and fungus, it could be.  September is an ideal time to feed turfs, because the cool nights and warm days favor its growth and development.  Because bluegrasses naturally send out more rhizomes in fall than in summer, lawn recovery is enhanced with fall fertilization. Apply…

Turf Care Under the Hot Sun – Part 2

My GROBigRed post in the first week of June introduced the concept of caring for turf under hot, sunny conditions, and focused on efficient irrigation practices.   Here’s an excerpt to set the stage for this week’s post – “In summer, in Nebraska, it’s hot.  So hot that caring for turf requires a full set…

Summer Lawn Care

The heat of summer is upon us and along with it comes a number of lawn issues that are dealt with differently than in spring and fall.  First, watering.  The two most important guidelines to remember are 1. Water to the bottom of the roots and 2. Keep the roots moist, not soggy or dry. …

Winterizing Your Lawn

Don’t let the lawn go to pot; give it just a little more care before the snow flies