Mosquitoes: A Bad Summer Buzz

Mosquitoes are back and they’re not only annoying, but they can make you sick! Learn what you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your landscape and prevent bites this summer.

What’s Up with All the Wasps?

Paper wasps and yellowjackets are build nests around our home and landscape. Find out how to protect your family and pets from stinging insects before small nests become large colonies.

American Robin

Nothing says spring like the American robin. Most years my mom and I will call each other when we see our first robin. There is something uplifting about seeing them. Maybe because they singal the end of winter and the promise of spring. American robins can be found throughout most of North America from the…

Now You Have a Good Reason For Not Tidying the Garden!

My friend, Master Gardener Cheryl Gresham, wrote last week about pollinators, cautioning gardeners about the importance of not being as tidy when we ready the garden for winter. I’m going to expand on Cheryl’s idea. Of the native bees, about 30% continue their life cycle in the hollow stems of plants.  Female bees lay their…