Container Gardens – For Flowers & Veggies

Container gardens have become wildly popular in recent years, and for good reasons. They’re colorful, adaptable, attractive, provide the opportunity to grow vegetables as well as flowers and are great for accommodating people with disabilities or just need a little greater ease in movement.

Container Plantings Winding Down

It’s the end of September in eastern Nebraska, which signals the very near end of patio plantings and container plants in the out of doors. There are several reasons for this:

Tangled Roots and Potting Soil

Getting annuals, veggies and perennials off to a good start in container gardens is crucial to their success.  This starts with choosing well branched, stocky plants and examining the roots. First, gently squeeze the pot between your hands or fingers and then tease the root mass out.  Inspect the roots.  They should be white, bright…

Veggie Container Gardening – A Viable Alternative

For many reasons, container gardening is a great way to produce veggies and herbs.  Maybe you live in a townhouse and just don’t have much room for traditional gardens.  Maybe you have a traditional residential lot, but most of the landscape is too shady for an edible garden…most crops need at least 6 hours of…