Voracious Vigorous Voles

They look like mice with short tails, but what problems do voles pose for our landscapes? These guys are granivores, so people that feed birds will naturally have more voles in their yard because bird seed is a whole bunch of grain that falls to the ground as the birds partake. It’s the fallen grain…

Beekeeping in the City

Backyard beekeeping is legal (and encouraged) in the city limits of Omaha.  There are several beekeepers in the city, and many of the organizations that work with urban agriculture and community gardens in the city have beehives and provide education for those interested.

The Importance of Bare Ground in Pollinator-Friendly Landscapes

Gardeners know the importance of mulching around plants to suppress weeds and conserve soil moisture, but are there instances when mulching is not a good idea?  The answer is yes, in particular when creating a pollinator-friendly landscape. To understand the importance of bare ground, you must first be aware of just how many pollinators it…

Pollinator Habitat

Pollinator decline has been a huge buzz word the last few years and rightly so.  With so much focus on the use of pesticides, viruses, mites and whatnot – leaves us feeling helpless. Welcome to the Nebraska Extension Pollinator Habitat Certification.  You spoke and we listened.  If you want to be a part of the…

Spooky Spider Webs!

Fake spider webs are a staple of Halloween decorations, but what exactly are we emulating?