Defense against summer diseases and pests

The heat of summer, it seems, is not only the time that gardens produce the most, it is also the time when the things that want to eat or destroy your gardens are at their busiest.

So while the heat and humidity may have you wanting to be a couch potato rather than tending your potatoes, you should be out checking on your plants, scouting for diseases and insects, and treating them appropriately.

Satellite Coneflower

Does your purple coneflower look odd?  Do the flowers look more green than purple?  Do you have satellite flowers growing out of the center of the main bloom?  If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a good chance your plant is infected with Aster Yellows. Aster yellows is a caused by…

GRO Big Red Gardening Show EP 5: Talking Tomatoes

Welcome to the latest episode of the GRO Big Red podcast! On the show today, John Porter makes his first appearance and joins Kathleen Cue to chat about tomatoes! This tomato talk includes tips on disease and insect management as well as helpful tips on watering and more! Here are some links to check out:…