Late Fall Color in the Landscape

As we ease into winter, late November keeps our attention focused on a few plants that exhibit great color even though a few hard freezes have been delivered.

Colorful Trees and Shrubs in Fall

Sugar maple and red oak are some of the most handsome trees in fall, exhibiting great displays of yellow and red color, adding great aesthetic value. There are some others as well, not as well known or widely planted that can add diversity of genetics, color, shape, pest resistance and form to the landscape.

Fall foliage colors are in foods and flowers, too!

As the chlorophyll fades, the other pigments in the leaves that can’t readily be seen while the chlorophyll is in place, become apparent. Most people don’t realize that the pigment colors that you see in the leaves are the same that you see in flowers and in the food that we eat.

Autumn Hues of Yellow and Gold

The yellows and golds of autumn bring brightness and warmth to the landscape.  Sitting beneath my ash trees in the fall, the air is awash with a golden glow as the trees appear to be lit from within.  It’s truly magical. Sometimes I think we’re so fixated on the reds of autumn we fail to…

Black Tupelo – The Other Red Tree

“Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen” – Author unknown We are coming up on Fall Foliage Week and the time of the year that we get to celebrate all the colors of fall.  For many of us this means watching our trees turn hues of red, orange, and yellow.  There are many…