Late Fall Color in the Landscape

As we ease into winter, late November keeps our attention focused on a few plants that exhibit great color even though a few hard freezes have been delivered.

Watering in Late Fall

If you want to see healthy outdoor plants in the spring, it’s important to water them in late fall.

Cleaning up Your Diseased Garden

Let’s face it, by the end of the growing season, many plants aren’t looking too good. The heat, drought, bugs and diseases have turned them from assets into liabilities. If the spots and rots have been active with your shrubs, perennials and other garden plants, it’s time to act.

Fall Iris Care

Fall is a great time to thin out and divided your German iris bed. With the recent rains in the Omaha Metro area this makes it easier to work the soil. German iris should be divided and thinned every three to four years. If you have a larger bed with multiple cultivars you may need…


No, this is not an article on the trials, exhilarations and tribulations of The Grateful Dead.  It’s about dead flowers.  Dead flowers should be removed from annuals, perennials, bulbs and shrubs as soon as possible to prevent seeds from forming.  As far as the plant is concerned aka if the plant had a mind with…

Three Perennials to Try

With more people working remotely this year we have received an abundance of calls this summer.  Callers are looking to spruce up their flowerbeds.  Some just wanted something new.  Others were wanting to expanding gardens.  Here are a few plants that are well known but often not used. Astrantia (as-TRAN-shi-a) or Mastewort is a perennial…

Straw Foxglove

Unlike foxglove that are biennial, straw foxglove (Digitalis lutea) is a true perennial. The light yellow bell-shaped downward-facing flowers are smaller than their biennial relatives, but what is lost in flower size, straw foxglove makes up for in reliability and ease of growth.   Straw foxglove does best in average garden soil in a site…

Spring, Summer, Fall Blooming Perennials

Perennial flowers offer great appeal in the spring, ringing the bell of activity of the gardening season.  The great news is that perennials do not bloom only in spring – they offer ever-changing garden views in all seasons.  If you plan your garden well, it will offer texture, color and movement appeal whenever you look…

Woodland Phlox

Woodland phlox, Phlox divaricata, also known as wild sweet William, is a shade-loving perennial that produces lavender blue five-petalled flowers in spring. It has a wonderfully long bloom season. In my garden, it has been sending out flowers for a solid month now.   Woodland phlox does best under trees in soils rich in humus….

Plant Groundcovers Under Shade Trees

Is the vegetation under your shade tree thin and lifeless?  If so, you may wish to consider planting a groundcover instead of turfgrass.  Periwinkle, English ivy, lamium, pachysandra, some cultivars of coral bells, ajuga, plumbago, euonymous, Virginia creeper and Hall’s honeysuckle are good options to consider.  The bottom line is Right Plant, Right Place, and…