Overseeding Your Lawn

According to our garden calendars, fall is time to overseed our cool-season lawns. Homeowners have been asking a lot of good questions:
• Why overseed and how to do it?
• What about the heat, drought, and water restrictions?
Let’s dig in to overseeding—no shovel required.

Get Rid of the Grass in Your Landscape

Really?  Get rid of it?  But, I’m a big fan.  I love the relaxing feeling I get when I mow the grass.  Yes, there are many benefits of turfgrass, were  outlined last week, but really, in the true spirit of the horticultural truism of “Right Plant, Right Place”, turf simply doesn’t belong in all parts…

Lawns in the Shade? Really?

Are lawns supposed to be in the shade?  No, not really.  Yet, as you gaze out the window at your landscape, even in winter, many lawns are covered in shade.  Even in winter, even without tree leaves to cast a shadow.  How did this happen?   First, how it happened.  The most likely scenario is…

Summer Lawn Care

The heat of summer is upon us and along with it comes a number of lawn issues that are dealt with differently than in spring and fall.  First, watering.  The two most important guidelines to remember are 1. Water to the bottom of the roots and 2. Keep the roots moist, not soggy or dry. …

Winterizing Your Lawn

Don’t let the lawn go to pot; give it just a little more care before the snow flies

Now What?

If you are like many of the Metro area readers your landscaped has been attacked by the Japanese beetles. Now what do you do? Plants are stressed and one of the first things we think of doing is “feed” the plant.  So we reach for our favorite fertilizer and give our plants a good “feeding”. …