Emerald Ash Borer – What’s the Status?

Many of our clients have been asking about this question in recent weeks. Thus far, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestations have been confirmed in 9 counties in Nebraska. They appear to be on the slow gradual trajectory that has been observed in states such as Michigan, Illinois and Ohio, and is expected to become more and more common in the next 3-4 years.

Watering New Trees and Shrubs

Many new trees and shrubs are planted in April, May and June. By far, the two most important considerations are implementing the proper techniques for planting and watering.

Mushrooms in the Lawn

What’s that in the middle of the lawn? They look like mushrooms. If you’ve had a tree cut down in the past few years, they probably are.

Pruning Planning for 2021

Pruning is like a lot of other things in life – it needs to be planned beforehand, you should do it only when needed, not too much at a time, and the right way.

Colorful Trees and Shrubs in Fall

Sugar maple and red oak are some of the most handsome trees in fall, exhibiting great displays of yellow and red color, adding great aesthetic value. There are some others as well, not as well known or widely planted that can add diversity of genetics, color, shape, pest resistance and form to the landscape.

Don’t Plant This at Home

The common phrase – “Don’t try this at home” refers to all sorts of actions from pro wrestling to theatre and even television shows such as America’s Got Talent.  The common thread to all of these is an element of danger, or at least something more exciting than common sense and safety.   Don’t try…

Surface Roots Under Trees

Trees are great – they produce shade, create framing for a house or building, provide shelter for songbirds, slow down the wind and snow and so many other benefits…but they can create a few problems, one of which is surface roots.   Surface roots are not to be taken lightly – they create a tripping…

Shade, Semi-Shade and Sun

If you look out at your landscape, you’ll probably see all degrees of sun and shade.  There are lots of names of these levels of light, but shade, semi-shade and sun are good descriptors for most plants.   One of the most pertinent reasons for focusing on shade levels is that it really helps locate…

Much Mulch

Are you kidding?  Seeing a mound of mulch piled on a tree trunk conjures up images of a volcano with a tree sticking out of it.  Why does this happen?  Three reasons: If a little is good, more is better. Just like with adult beverages, potato chips, pop and buying clothes, excessive amounts are not…

Lawns in the Shade? Really?

Are lawns supposed to be in the shade?  No, not really.  Yet, as you gaze out the window at your landscape, even in winter, many lawns are covered in shade.  Even in winter, even without tree leaves to cast a shadow.  How did this happen?   First, how it happened.  The most likely scenario is…