Watering New Plants

One of the most important factors in getting plants off to a good start is watering.  Overall, the best guidance is to water to the bottom of the roots and to keep the roots of new plants moist, not soggy or dry.  Inserting a screwdriver into the soil will help with determining the moisture content…

Turf Tips for Mid Fall

When summer turns to fall, cooler temperatures, more frequent rain storms and a few other changes follow along. In order to maximize turf performance and recovery from summer stressors, consider these management actions:

Plant Not Where You Want It?

It happens all the time; good looking plants are interspersed in your landscape, just not where you want them or where they are best suited. This is especially true for folks who just bought a home, spent their time and money fixing the deck and changing out the curtains, and have now turned their attention to the landscape.

Follow Up Care for Newly Planted Trees – Mulching

Mulching If a little is good, much more is better is not a good mantra for mulching.  For the overall sense of proper mulching technique, take a cue from Mother Nature.  In a forest or natural setting, you’ll commonly see a 2-4 inch layer of fallen leaves, stems, fruits and bark, often referred to as…

Newly Planted Trees, Shrubs, Perennials – Aftercare

You’ve installed some new trees, shrubs and perennials…now what?  In order to keep them looking great, there are a few simple care steps that should follow planting, especially in June.   A thorough soaking of water, followed by moisture monitoring. Nothing special here; use a sprinkler can to place water evenly throughout the entire root…