Plants for Fall Interest

In August, many of our flowers are starting to fade for the year. It also is one of our hotter months of the year and it makes it difficult to do much outdoors. However, there are some great plants that start to reach their stride in August and September. The photo shown is of Illinois…

Fall is For Planting

A term in the green industry – an oldie, but a goodie – is “Fall is For Planting”.  The term sort of begs the questions: Planting what? And why?  Good questions, because some things are more suited than others.  In short, the items for planting are: trees, shrubs, turf, perennials, some veggies and even transplanting…

Last Hurrah! – Fall Veggie Gardening

Most people think that the only time to plant a vegetable garden is May. Those people are sorely mistaken. One of the most productive seasons in the garden is fall, and even early winter.

Growing Fantastic Fall Vegetables

But if you really want to get the most from your garden, you’ll want to plant now for some tasty treats in the fall and even early winter.  

Leaf Lettuce

Summer was hard on our vegetable gardens this year.  Two major storms in June followed by searing heat in July.  My plants are tired and have slowed down producing. Its time to think about lettuce.  Lettuce a cool season crop and what better way to end the summer by planting a few rows.  There are…