Ice Melters in the Landscape

In Nebraska, ice melt product application is a necessary evil, however steps can be taken to minimize damage to landscape plants.

Winterizing Your Lawn

Don’t let the lawn go to pot; give it just a little more care before the snow flies

Top 10 Lawn Problems

When David Letterman does a 10 ten list, most people laugh.  However, if he did a top 10 list on your lawn, you probably wouldn’t think it was too funny.  You might be listening, but not laughing.  From a horticulturist’s standpoint, here is my top 10 list for common lawn problems: [these are in reverse…

White Clover

White clover (Trifolium repens) is probably one of the most commonly known and easily identified weed along with wild violets and dandelions.  Most people fall under two camps with this plant.  They either love or hate it.  Native to Europe white clover was brought over with the early settlers.  After escaping cultivation it easily established…

Tough Places to Grow Turf

As versatile as lawn grasses may be, there are many locations where they just won’t flourish.  In general, a lawn needs at least 5 hours of sun each day, a large uninterrupted area, well-drained soil, and a relatively flat grade or slightly rolling topography.  Slopes, shade, compacted soils, heavy foot traffic, and poor air circulation…