The Dirt on Dirt

So what is it with dirt anyway?  Dirt, otherwise known as soil, is either greatly loved by gardeners or the source of endless complaints. In recognition of World Soil Day, let’s tip our hats to this much maligned, often disrespected, contributor to plant growth. One clear thing about soil—if it’s a healthy soil, then there…

I am Thankful

John Fech explains the multitude of things he is thankful for, including Nebraska Extension, the Gro Big Red team and Master Gardeners.

Winterizing Your Lawn

Don’t let the lawn go to pot; give it just a little more care before the snow flies

When Plants Attack—Giant Ragweed and Poison Ivy

Think plants can only take abuse, not dish it out?  Then you’ve never encountered unrelenting ragweed allergies or a nice case of poison ivy rash.  These plants are no shrinking violets! Giant ragweed, Ambrosia trifida, is an annual plant and a member of the Aster family.  You know, the same family that brings us the…

Voracious Vigorous Voles

They look like mice with short tails, but what problems do voles pose for our landscapes? These guys are granivores, so people that feed birds will naturally have more voles in their yard because bird seed is a whole bunch of grain that falls to the ground as the birds partake. It’s the fallen grain…