Fall is for Planting Shrubs

The phrase “Fall is for Planting” is a common one in the horticultural world and for good reason. One of the best groups of plants to install in your landscape in fall is shrubs. Here’s why:

Plants for Fall Interest

In August, many of our flowers are starting to fade for the year. It also is one of our hotter months of the year and it makes it difficult to do much outdoors. However, there are some great plants that start to reach their stride in August and September. The photo shown is of Illinois…

Overseeding Your Lawn

According to our garden calendars, fall is time to overseed our cool-season lawns. Homeowners have been asking a lot of good questions:
• Why overseed and how to do it?
• What about the heat, drought, and water restrictions?
Let’s dig in to overseeding—no shovel required.

Tree Tips for Mid-Fall

In order to keep them thriving in the landscape, at least 5 management practices should be conducted at this time of year.

Spring, Summer, Fall Blooming Perennials

Perennial flowers offer great appeal in the spring, ringing the bell of activity of the gardening season.  The great news is that perennials do not bloom only in spring – they offer ever-changing garden views in all seasons.  If you plan your garden well, it will offer texture, color and movement appeal whenever you look…

Planting in Fall

The Nursery Council says, “Fall is for Planting” – Trees, Shrubs, Bulbs, Lawns and Flowers.   Fall is actually one of the best times to plant.  Why?  Many reasons.   First, the soils are warm in fall.  Warm soil temps are necessary to encourage new root formation into the planting hole to help establish the tree,…

New Turf in Late Fall

After the scourges of summer, many of us replanted or renovated the turf around homes and throughout the landscape.  As the winter sets in, there are a few steps to take to increase the odds of survival and regrowth next spring.   Perhaps the most important “to do” is to keep the soil moist…not soggy…