GRO Big Red Gardening Podcast EP 16: Celebrate Bat Week!

Welcome back everyone to the GRO Big Red Gardening Podcast! On today’s show, Scott Evans visits with Soni Cochran of Lancaster County Extension to chat about bats!  Next week is National Bat Week and it is important for us all to try and understand these majestic creatures a little more. Tune in to find out about bat biology, the benefits of bats, how to encourage them on your property, and how to keep them out of the house!

Bat by Extension Door (2).jpg
A bat hiding by the Lancaster Co. Extension Office (Photo credit: Vicki Jedlicka)

Show notes for today (lots of good stuff from Soni!)

Bat House Construction and Installation –

Bats In and Around Structures (NebGuide) –

Bats In and Around Structures (Online Magazine format)

Bat Bugs and Bat Ticks –

Bats Around the Home – Iowa State Extension –

Bat Week – October 24 – 31, 2017

White-nose Syndrome (March 15, 2017) PR – USFWS

White-nose Syndrome Response:

Contact Nebraska G&P re: White-nose Syndrome Reports 402-471-0641

Other resources: Bat Conservation International –

batguanoWruler1lighterCMYK (2)
Bat scat is similar to mouse scat but with glitter bits in it (Photo credit: Vicki Jedlicka)

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