Lawn Care Calendar for Eastern NE

Just tell me what to do and when to do it…that’s what we hear from our clients when it comes to lawns. Oh, sure, they also want to know what’s wrong with it at any give time also, but the calendar of events is the top of the list.

A complicating factor in today’s garden market is turfgrass fertilizers and preemergence weed control products are often available only as combined products. Newer (less than 20 years old) and older lawns should be managed differently for resource efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Newer lawns often struggle due to soil low in nutritional value and high weed pressure. They are best managed by applying a fertilizer plus preemergence herbicide application in late April/early May followed by a second of the same product in early June.

Older lawns need less fertilization to perform well and have lower weed pressure. Preemergence weed control plus fertilizer applications are optional
based on need and desired outcome.

Lawn Care Calendar:


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