Every year seems to go by a little faster and this year was no exception.  To share with you what the Extension Master Gardener program did in the Douglas-Sarpy counties in 2018:

Chart 1.1

The Horticulture Helpline answered 8,094 questions  starting in March and wrapping up in November.  We had a team of over 40 volunteers manning the phones from 9-12 from March through November and during April through September we had volunteers helping from 1-4 taking calls and walk-ins to both office locations.  As you can see our top subject was trees and shrubs.


Another accomplishment for 2018 was the installation of our weather station (  We owe a world of thanks to Scott R., Extension Master Gardener, for taking the initiative and writing a grant for this endeavor.  Not to mention putting it together and working with county maintenance to get it on our roof.


The Douglas-Sarpy Extension Master Gardeners were at over 60 Ask The Master Gardener Table events.  They spoke to over 20 different organizations on topics from winter containers to pollinator gardens.  They helped teach sustainable gardening practices through 16 teaching gardens.  They grew and donated over 7,000#’s of produce that helped over 14,000 individuals.  As of today they logged over 15,200 hours of volunteer time that equates to over $357,000.00.  We also found out that 85% of visitors to the office made changes on the advice they were given.  This in turn helped reduce pesticide use, better water management, and correct plant selection.

Every year I am amazed by the dedication that Extension Master Gardeners have and their willingness to give back to our communities.  We can never say thank you enough and the impact that they have is truly wonderful.

Scott Evans
Scott Evans is a horticulture assistant with Nebraska Extension in Douglas-Sarpy Counties. A certified arborist through International Society of Arboirculture and Nebraska Arborist Association. Scott is also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified through ISA. Scott co-leads the Master Gardener program in Douglas & Sarpy counties. Along with volunteer management he provides his expertise with disease and insect identification, lawn and landscape weed management, plant health, and I.P.M. practices. He also enjoys growing many houseplants ranging from African violets to cacti and succulents. Scott has two Bachelors of Science, one in Biology (emphasis in Botany, Ecology and Environmental Science) and second in Environmental Geology from Northwest Missouri State University. He earned his Master of Agriculture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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