Fixing your Fruit Fly Problem

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Fruit fly infographic

Jody Green, PhD
Extension Urban Entomologist at Nebraska Extension
Jody Green is the extension urban entomologist at Nebraska Extension in Douglas-Sarpy Counties. She specializes in structural, household, and health-related insect pests.
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  1. M R Jeys says:

    Are fruit flies and gnats the same thing?

    This is great, but I’ve found that vinegar doesn’t work that well. I have house plants and they live in the water and soil of them. I’ve tried vinegar/water spray on them, and that doesn’t work well either. I hang fly strips, which kill bunches, but not any significant amount. Any other ideas? Thanks.

    1. Jody Green says:

      People usually refer to small flies as “gnats”, but the one you’re describing sound like fungus gnats. Fruit flies are not the same as fungus gnats, which breed and live in the soil of overwatered houseplants. You’re correct that apple cider vinegar will not help with the fungus gnat problem. The yellow sticky cards will help catch the adults, to break the cycle of egg and larvae, you will want to dry out the soil. The cards can be bought at a garden/nursery and so can other products if you wish to treat the soil. Make sure fungus gnats are on the label. This fact sheet may help:

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