Plants With Heart-Shaped Leaves

Nothing says “I love you” like a plant! Why not a houseplant with heart-shaped leaves for your main squeeze on Valentine’s Day? After all, roses aren’t the only romantic gift. Give the gift of romance and healthy air, all at the same time!


The chenille plant (Acalypha hispida) has wonderful drooping spikes of muted red flowers and heart-shaped leaves with serrated leaf edges, making it a two-for-one plant for Valentine’s Day.


The anthurium (Anthurium andreanum) has super-shiny heart-shaped leaves and colored spathes (modified leaves which resemble flowers).  Spathe colors range from white to salmon to crimson.

ceropedia woodii

Don’t let the delicate leaves and stems of the rosary vine (Ceropedia woodii) fool you into thinking it’s a pansy.  It’s not.  The heart-shaped leaves are mottled green and slightly thickened, which helps when you’ve forgotten to water!  The rosary vine gets its name from the bead-like tubers that form along the stems.  These tubers can be detached and buried in a new pot to create more plants.


peperomia caperata

The pepperomia (Pepperomia caperata) has heart-shaped leaves that crinkle along the veins and pink stalks—perfect for adding layers of appeal.

hemionitis arifolia

If your main squeeze likes ferns, then the heart-leaf fern, Hemionitis arifolia, is sure to please.  As with all ferns, the heart-leaf fern will appreciate an environment of high humidity and low light.


Hoya kerria, otherwise known as the sweetheart hoya or Valentine plant, has a naturally weeping habit.  It appreciates being in a plant stand or a hanging basket to show off its beautiful form and heart-shaped leaves.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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