GRO Big Red Gardening Show Episode 6: National Moth Week

Between July 22nd and July 30th we celebrate National Moth Week! Moths are the often forgotten cousins to the butterflies but they should be known and respected! There are over 150,000 different species and they fulfill many different roles in the environment. Some even view them as “the jewels of the night” due to the beauty of many species. So tune in and learn a little about these misunderstood midnight creatures!

National Moth Week website:

Bug Guide tips on attracting moths:

Here is a gallery of handsome moths

Cecropia moth
Luna moth
Snowberry clearwing moth
Banded Tiger Moth, Apantesis vittata, JAK100 (2).jpg
Banded tiger moth

All photos courtesy of Jim Kalisch; UNL Entomology


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