Remain Calm, It’s just a Cicada Killer Wasp!

Cicada killing wasps are back for the summer of 2020! They are big and fast, but they’re not going to hurt you. Learn how to live comfortably with them or discourage them from taking up residence in your landscape.

Mosquitoes: A Bad Summer Buzz

Mosquitoes are back and they’re not only annoying, but they can make you sick! Learn what you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your landscape and prevent bites this summer.

What’s Up with All the Wasps?

Paper wasps and yellowjackets are build nests around our home and landscape. Find out how to protect your family and pets from stinging insects before small nests become large colonies.

Bagworms On the Loose

Bagworms have hatched in Douglas County! Know what to look for and how to safely and effectively treat your trees so they can remain evergreen not turn ever-brown.

Tick Time – Check Yourself!

High tick season in Nebraska is generally April through June, but ticks can be active all year round when temperatures are above freezing. With the arrival of spring and an increased involvement in outdoor activities, Nebraskans must be prepared to practice tick safety to prevent tick-borne illnesses. Ticks are blood feeders and have the potential…

Putting “Earth” in Earth Day

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 to celebrate all things plant, water, and air. What’s not celebrated is that unsung hero—earth—not in reference to our planet, but earth, the stuff we plant in. Otherwise known as soil, dirt, land, and loam, earth supports most plant life on planet Earth. Yet earth is little…

March’s Garden Bits

If you’re at home and practicing social distancing, the one bit of good news in all of this is that we can be outside to tinker with plants. Spring is an exciting time, full of promise and possibilities. If you’re not a gardener, no worries, learning how to garden is a trial and error process….

American Robin

Nothing says spring like the American robin. Most years my mom and I will call each other when we see our first robin. There is something uplifting about seeing them. Maybe because they singal the end of winter and the promise of spring. American robins can be found throughout most of North America from the…