Virtual Learning Series Sessions and Recordings

Over the past several weeks and for the next several weeks, we’ve been sharing gardening knowledge through the GROBigRed Virtual Learning Series live zoom sessions with our colleagues across the state. Each session consists of a short expert presentation and time to ask questions and discuss what’s going on in the garden. The expert presentation…

Is COVID-19 an issue on homegrown or purchased produce?

This post was originally published on The Garden Professors blog in May 2020. Now that much of the world’s attention is focused on limiting the spread of pathogens, well one pathogen, it seems like a good time to talk about some of the questions or concerns we’ve seen regarding vegetable gardens, community gardens, and farmers…

When Good Seeds Go Bad: How long can you store seeds?

Spring is just around the corner, gardeners!  I’m ready to get seeds started…though that bring lots of work getting ready for the thousands of plants we’ll start for our variety trials this year. If you’re getting ready to start seeds you’ve saved from previous years, you might want to give this article a read.  It…

To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize: That is the Question

You see a bright shiny package at the garden center saying that it can help you have the most bountiful garden ever, the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, your plants will have miraculous growth, or it will supply every element on earth to make sure that your plants are living their best life. It’s got…

Flooded Vegetable Garden Sites and Food Safety Considerations

The devastating, historic floods in Nebraska and Iowa will leave their mark on the region for many years to come. Loss of life, homes, livelihoods, and infrastructure are of major concern, but many people who rely on their gardens or vegetable plots for food or income may also have some concerns for the upcoming growing…

Growing Food Indoors? Sure!

As we celebrate National Indoor Plant Week, my question turns to can we grow food indoors?  The answer is emphatically, yes! Perhaps the simplest option for indoor food production would be to grow some container plants that would work well.  Crops like lettuce, arugula, and some of the other leafy greens have lower light requirements…

Last Hurrah! – Fall Veggie Gardening

Most people think that the only time to plant a vegetable garden is May. Those people are sorely mistaken. One of the most productive seasons in the garden is fall, and even early winter.

In defense of Raised Beds

Why are raised beds a good option for gardening and why is the old practice of tilling up a spot in your yard bad? Learn a bit about soil structure and health in this rebuttal to an article demonizing raised beds in favor of tillage.

Seed swapping and understanding seed packets

This time of year is the perfect time to think about swapping or buying seeds to get ready for the coming year.  But many people are often confused about some of the language used on seed packets.  What exactly does hybrid mean? or heirloom?  What a bout non-GMO?  

Mistletoe: Norse legend leads to Christmas kisses

Even though it is a symbol of love and even peace, mistletoe is truly a parasite … and poisonous. It has been celebrated and even worshipped for centuries, and still has a “naughty but nice” place in holiday celebrations.